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Amazing amenities at the Marquee Place Pampanga!

More than just fantasizing a wonderland, you will be able to realize your dream home right at the luxury of the Marquee Place. With your new home community within your reach, expect a wide array of distinct amenities the Ayala way. The amenities at this paradise on earth is categorized into the Social Zone, Sports Pod, North Central Park, the South Central Park, and the Linear Parks.

  • Social Zone: The Social Zone is an amenity area where families, friends, and neighbors, could use as an area for bonding and socializing. The zone is comprised of an impressive clubhouse that has a 25-meter lap pool, a long and winding walkway, children’s playground, kiddie pool, spacious open area, jogging trail, landscaped gardens, and an area with a WiFi access. The Social Zone covers a land area of 1.2 hectares.
  • Sports Pod: The Sports Pod is an entertainment area where you and the family and friends could share several sports activities to enhance an active lifestyle. This area (covering 6,500sqm) contains a covered court for basketball and badminton, a viewing deck, bouldering zone (an innovative wall climbing activity), and a wide-open playing field (for junior soccer or Frisbee).
  • North Central Park: The North Central Park is designed featuring an abundance of water facet and a stunning ambiance for leisure and entertainment. The park will include wide open and landscaped spaces, water element, benches, gazebos, jogging trail, workout station, Wi-Fi free zone, and a cozy place for personal gatherings.
  • South Park: The South Park features a clean, safe, and a tree-lined periphery with landscaped greens dedicated for children. Here, they can frolic and play amid a green surrounding without the hassle of endangerment.
  • Two Linear Parks: The 5,000sqm Linear Parks link the Social Zone and the Sports Pod with each park having its own theme. This unique concept is further enhanced by the breathtaking landscape surrounding the parks.
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